Tony Shaw CEO

“Paul is the guy you always want on your team, regardless of whether things are going perfectly, or when the chips are down. He’s a leader, a manager, a coach, and a mentor, who lifts the performance of the people around him. He’s also one of the most positive influences on corporate culture that I have ever worked with”.

Maiella Leonos

I had the great fortune of meeting Paul while on assignment in Baku, Azerbaijan. At that time, Paul was providing leadership development and coaching to our leadership team. His advice enabled me to perform at an even higher level and propelled me to success in the role. Paul’s passion for leadership development was apparent in all our conversations, and he…

Hans Den Bieman

Paul was excellent with the team. People performed well individually and as a team, team spirit and results improved significantly during Paul’s involvement. It was a pleasure to work with Paul.

Emin Huseynov

“It was great to have you as a guest speaker today. The students were really very impressed by your session on leadership and management. Believe me, I have been in the business of training and teaching for over 10 years now and I really enjoyed your session much myself. Lots of practical, real-life stories and examples just make it even…

Alejandra Sabugo

“I want to emphasize his unique approach to teaching and learning, which makes you part of the business environment. He achieves understanding of business concepts, and links theory with practice. Paul is a professional that gives people confidence that allows you to advance in this area that is sometimes not very objective and nor easy to understand. A man with…

Gill Craig

Paul challenged our daily operating rhythm process without fear of ruffling feathers. His keen observations helped frame our baseline while challenging us week in and week out with actionable insights. Paul’s perspective is invaluable as he coaches you on how to orchestrate team synergies for maximum value.

Fernando Ramos

“Paul was our first experience with an “in house” consultant, he developed an excellent project of improvement in our operations, very effective working with our people at operational and executive level. He was able to make our supervisors and workers to understand and achieve key targets in productivity. Excellent coach”.

Inna Boyadzhieva

“Paul is fantastic to work with. Working with him is a signature of success. When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills!”

Ken McKenzie

“Paul was instrumental in embedding a right first time, quality, and customer service culture within our business by engaging front line supervisors, middle management and the senior leadership team. Reduced rejects, right first time, and customer satisfaction propelled us to a dominant market position with greatly improved margins”