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Rogue Leadership provides an excellent roadmap to your leadership growth journey with relevant examples and action-focused tools.” 

Sandja Brügmann

Managing Partner The Passion Institute

“As Paul succinctly states in Rogue Leadership, it’s not about thoughts, but actions and consequences. Sharpen your mind as you browse Paul’s buffet of leadership wisdom, earned the hard way through thirty years of practice. The rogue leader is the one who shapes the future. Is that you?”


Craig Martelle

International Best-Selling Author

As a female thought leader and entrepreneur I always appreciate a style management that begins from the inside out. Paul’s ability to take leadership from the conference room to the comic’s stage is brilliant way of introducing a new management style set for the future.

Dr. Tracy (Ph.d)

Owner of Mrs. Globe

“Rogue Leadership really dives into the depths of leadership and how it is comprised and created”…

Steele Platt

Founder, The Yard House 

“Rogue Leadership” is very well written, easy to read and entertaining. A very important book on leveraging performance. A subject many companies and leaders themselves struggling with, given the complexity of business today”.

Annelie Gullström

Global digital expert and strategist


In Rogue Leadership: Harnessing Headwinds to Drive Performance, international business catalyst and leadership coach Paul Rosenberg challenges many current myths and memes circulating in the corporate world. With both humor and rare insight, he has written an easy-to-read volume that shows how “rogue leaders” go against the norm to achieve unconventional success.

Finding time for solitude and reflection can be almost impossible for many of today’s top executives, scrambling to cope with the hectic pace of running an organization. Yet, explains Rosenberg, “going inside” to pay attention to one’s own mental and emotional processes before making a decision turns out to be one of the most important techniques for successful leadership. 

Rogue leaders also know that letting go of control enriches relationships with their management team, customers, clients, and life in general.  One way this shows up is willingness to say “sorry” and to own mistakes. Mastering the “art of humility” builds trust, boosts relationships, and is good for business.

Leaders need to find new and creative ways to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of change. Rosenberg reveals the good news: Old dogs can learn new tricks. Our brains can continue to grow and change throughout life.

Whether we like it or not, disruption has become a fact of business life. Rogue Leadership shows how leaders can harness disruption to stimulate change for the better. In fact, Rosenberg recommends accelerating change by taking more risks and pushing teams beyond their comfort zone.

In a compelling chapter, he explains how leaders can maintain a powerful “presence-in-absence” even when not physically present with their team.

Other elements of effective rogue leadership include:

  • Bringing play back into business to release stress, create bonds, and inspire creativity and innovation. 
  • Using a laser-sharp focus on right action to amplify organizational values.
  • Embracing “partner leadership” that benefits both frontline workers and bottom-line profits.
  • Employing “stealth change management” to avoid burn out and to create sustained change.  
  • Learning the art of “organizational triage” maximizes resources and avoids wasted energy, time, and creativity. 

Rosenberg concludes that “rogue leadership” means challenging and embracing voices from all levels of the organization, being willing to look in the mirror, to take risks, and to fail. A key theme recurs throughout the book: “Going rogue” means going inward first, before tackling external challenges. Effective leaders take heed of Socrates’ famous advice: “Know thyself.”

A unique Global perspective….

I have personally asked global thought leaders and influencers for their keys to success in leading others.

Their responses are captured in a special section of “Rogue Leadership”,
providing wisdom clarity and purpose that cuts across boundaries, culture, and industry.