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Paul Rosenberg is Principal and Founder of Tertia Oculus Business Synergies TM - a worldwide performance improvement catalyst for change, and an expert facilitator and implementer. Paul is an award-winning and engaging Strategic Business Management Leader possessing a blend of team leadership, strategic and communications acumen, marketing savvy, and learning and development with clients such as American Airlines, British Petroleum, Honeywell and the US Navy’s new Ford Carrier Class.

Bilingual English/Spanish.

NGO’s/Startups/Higher Education
I have a passion about supporting your efforts. Contact me about unique partnering opportunities.

Tertia Oculus is Latin for Third Eye and symbolizes expansive wisdom.

Years of Experience
100MM In Performance Improvements
Impact on leaders, managers, supervisors and employees


What clients and partners are saying

“I want to emphasize his unique approach to teaching and learning, which makes you part of the business environment. He achieves understanding of business concepts, and links theory with practice. Paul is a professional that gives people confidence that allows you to advance in this area that is sometimes not very objective and nor easy to understand. A man with great focus, a great man, and a great professional”

Alejandra Sabugo

Gerente CMPC Forest Products

Rogue Leadership provides an excellent roadmap to your leadership growth journey with relevant examples and action-focused tools.” 

Sandja Brügmann

Managing Partner The Passion Institute

“Paul is fantastic to work with. Working with him is a signature of success. When you get to connect with him, you’ll discover an amazing person with unique skills!”

Inna Boyadzhieva

Crowdfunding Expert

“As Paul succinctly states in Rogue Leadership, it’s not about thoughts, but actions and consequences. Sharpen your mind as you browse Paul’s buffet of leadership wisdom, earned the hard way through thirty years of practice. The rogue leader is the one who shapes the future. Is that you?”


Craig Martelle

International Best-Selling Author

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