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Paul Rosenberg is Principal and Founder of Tertia Oculus Business Synergies TM - a worldwide performance improvement catalyst for change, and an expert facilitator and implementer. Paul is an award-winning and engaging Strategic Business Management Leader possessing a blend of team leadership, strategic and communications acumen, marketing savvy, and learning and development with clients such as American Airlines, British Petroleum, Honeywell and the US Navy’s new Ford Carrier Class.

Bilingual English/Spanish.

NGO’s/Startups/Higher Education
I have a passion about supporting your efforts. Contact me about unique partnering opportunities.

Tertia Oculus is Latin for Third Eye and symbolizes expansive wisdom.

Years of Experience
100MM In Performance Improvements
Impact on leaders, managers, supervisors and employees


What clients and partners are saying

“Rogue Leadership” is very well written, easy to read and entertaining. A very important book on leveraging performance. A subject many companies and leaders themselves struggling with, given the complexity of business today”.

Annelie Gullström

Global digital expert and strategist

I had the great fortune of meeting Paul while on assignment in Baku, Azerbaijan. At that time, Paul was providing leadership development and coaching to our leadership team. His advice enabled me to perform at an even higher level and propelled me to success in the role. Paul’s passion for leadership development was apparent in all our conversations, and he has continued to be both a sounding board and a source of encouragement for me.

Maiella Leonos

British Petroleum Business Manager

Paul challenged our daily operating rhythm process without fear of ruffling feathers. His keen observations helped frame our baseline while challenging us week in and week out with actionable insights. Paul’s perspective is invaluable as he coaches you on how to orchestrate team synergies for maximum value.

Gill Craig

Plant Manager Agrium

Your format is interactive, kept my attention (which is not very common), stayed interesting and valuable.  It was probably the only such workshop I have ever done that I actually liked all the way through.”

Eliane Nobile, Founder Noble Media

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