Sandja Brügmann

Rogue Leadership provides an excellent roadmap to your leadership growth journey with relevant examples and action-focused tools.” 

Craig Martelle

“As Paul succinctly states in Rogue Leadership, it’s not about thoughts, but actions and consequences. Sharpen your mind as you browse Paul’s buffet of leadership wisdom, earned the hard way through thirty years of practice. The rogue leader is the one who shapes the future. Is that you?”  

Dr. Tracy (Ph.d)

As a female thought leader and entrepreneur I always appreciate a style management that begins from the inside out. Paul’s ability to take leadership from the conference room to the comic’s stage is brilliant way of introducing a new management style set for the future.

Steele Platt

“Rogue Leadership really dives into the depths of leadership and how it is comprised and created”…

Annelie Gullström

“Rogue Leadership” is very well written, easy to read and entertaining. A very important book on leveraging performance. A subject many companies and leaders themselves struggling with, given the complexity of business today”.